Beware Of Origin Story Embellishments


We like to hear stories about how successful things got started.

What were the early days of the Ford Motor Company really like?

How did JP Morgan go on to become such an important financial institution?

If we understand these Origin Stories then we can use some of the learnings and lessons in them to help us in our journey.

But you need to be aware that all Origin Stories have a certain degree of…let’s just call them ’embellishments’.

Little White Lies. Small exaggerations. Tiny understatements.

I’m pretty sure that my personal Origin Story, as told by me, would be a little different from my Origin Stories as told through the eyes of my Mum.

So, by all means, seek out these Origin Stories.

There are definitely valuable lessons to be learned.

Just don’t take the entire story as being 100% factually correct.

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