Clarity Of Identity In A Changing World


Who are you?

Invariably, who we are is closely linked to what we do.

And that means, for many people, their job or career are a major part of their identity.

I am a Spa guy. I am a Hotel Guy. I am a Painter. I am an Engineer.

But what happens when that job goes away, for whatever reason?

For many, it means they lose a big part of their identity.

I guess it’s what happens when someone retires after a long career in the same job or industry. All of a sudden, a big part of their identity is missing.

Given the massive uncertainty in the world right now, many people at a risk of losing a big part of their identity, either for a short time or maybe forever.

So maybe now is a good time to think about how much of your identity is linked to your job and how much is linked to other things you do.

If not, you run the risk of being lost if and when that job goes away.

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