Does The Market Determine Response Times, Or Do You?


These days we seem to be obsessed with instant response times from the businesses we interact with.

If we don’t get an instant response, we assume they don’t care enough about us, and we take our business elsewhere.

Which begs the question…

Does the market determine what is the right response time or does the business?

The reality is that the market does NOT dictate response times. However, the market does influence expectations when it comes to response times.

If your competitors are responding in a few minutes and you’re not…then you’re already behind the eight ball.

Unless…you can give them a reason for why they should wait.

One idea would be to setup an auto-responder or your emails or a bot on your website so that every message is replied to instantly.

But in that instant reply, tell them why it will take a bit longer to respond in more detail.

‘We want to be thoughtful and considered in all that we do. Give us a few hours to come back to you in more detail.’

Something like that.

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