Don’t Kid Yourself, Maybe They Really ARE Happy

I’ve spoken with several people who have either lost their jobs, or had to close their businesses or to take significant pay cuts as a result of this COVID-19 Crisis.

The vast majority of them are telling me, after an initial adjustment period, they’re happier now than they were before. And it’s not just the older demographic either.

Yet when I tell this to others, they say, ‘Well, yeah, but they’re just saying that. They’re not really happy. They’d much rather have their old job and old life back.’

But I’m telling you, for most of these people, that’s just not the case.

They’ve found that it costs them a lot less to be happy than what they’d always thought.

Now, that’s probably not much comfort for those in their mid-late 30’s with a big mortgage, car loans and a few kids. For you, the pain is no doubt very real, and scary.

But for those either side of that demographic who are on the brink of losing jobs and business and are terrified about their future…I hope you might find some solace in this message.

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