Don’t Let The Big Boys Beat You At Being Local-First

A few years ago Accor, the global hotel powerhouse, launched Accor Local.

The concept was ‘conceived as a way to make Accor a key player in the daily lives of the communities in which they operate.’

It was intended to be a way to embed Accor into the local community by helping local businesses expand the scope and scale of their offering.

For example, the local Dry Cleaner, who usually closes his store at 6pm, could now use the local Accor hotel, which is open 24 hrs a day, as a drop off and collection point.

Accor Local would also, of course, be a great way for Accor to explore new revenue opportunities in these specific verticals.

Given what’s happened with global supply chains during this pandemic, smart hotel companies will probably try similar approaches.

And not just hotels. Any global player in any industry could now be trying to win the hearts & minds of your local community.

So if you have a local business, now is the time to double down on your local community.

Make sure you can win their hearts & minds before the Big Boys come in and steal them away.

You have a head start, but they will come hard and fast. So you’d better get serious.

Here’s a link to the piece I wrote on Accor Local –

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