Double Down On Paid Advertising During The Crisis

Right now, in the midst of this global crisis, is one of the best possible times to double down on paid online advertising.


Because the ads are just so much cheaper now.

These ad platforms operate as an auction for keywords and phrases. The more demand there is by advertisers for a specific keyword, the higher the price for that keyword. And vice versa.

As so many advertisers have reduced their ad spend during this crisis, the price of these keywords has gone down.

According to online marketing guru Neil Patel, his clients are currently seeing an increase of 71% in the ROI of their online ad spend.

And even if you can’t sell your thing right now, consider running paid ads to direct people to your free content, just to get them into your system. It’s like customer acquisition for the future.

PS: Checkout Neil Patel’s site for lots of great, free information –

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