Give Them A Reason To Join You…On Your Platform


Yesterday the world took a collective GASP…because Facebook went dark.

And not just Facebook, but what Facebook owns too.

Instagram and WhatsApp also went down.

For the millions of people who have build their businesses on these platforms, it was a scary few hours.

So, learn the lesson.

Get you fans, followers and customers onto your own ‘platform’, one which you control.

For most of us, that can be as simple as establishing an email list.

To do that, you need to first give them a reason to give you their email address.

A simple email newsletter. Some special Members Only offers. An free eBook.

There’s many ways you could go with this.

The key is making sure that you first give them enough value that they’re willing to hand over their email and then make sure you stay engaged with them on your new ‘platform’.

They will always return to the big social platforms, as that’s where they spend so much of their time.

But if you can pull them over onto your platform too, you can at least protect yourself against the vagaries of the big platforms.

PS: if you want to connect even closer with them, try to create a text-type platform. That can be much more engaging than just email.

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