Harsh Feedback Hurts Less Than Harsh Outcomes


Lots of people ask for feedback.

But not always do they really want to hear it.

I mean, I get it. We don’t like to hear something negative. Something harsh.

Especially if it’s about a project we’ve put our heart and soul into.

However, it’s far better to get that harsh criticism now than to wait until your project fails – until your harsh outcome.

At least take it on board. Consider it.

Maybe it’s just that person’s opinion and is not reflective of the overall market.

Or maybe there might just be something in that harsh feedback that you can learn from to make your thing just that much better.

So, not only should you embrace harsh feedback…you should actively seek it out.

NB: Thanks to @TheStoicEmperor for the quote.

#constructivefeedback #harsh #critcism