In A World Full Of Facts, Can We Ever Find Truth?

There is a level in comfort in knowing the truth.

It gives us a sense of certainty. It allows us to confidently set our compass.

However, with so many facts available to us these days, it seems harder and harder to agree on precisely which of those facts we should embrace as the truth.

You and I could in fact hold completely different versions of the truth depending which set of facts we call on.

In days gone by we simply had less information available to us, so it was far easier to agree on what is truth.

But in this modern age, with data/information/facts seemingly in unlimited supply, it harder than ever to agree on what the real truth is.

I honestly don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

But I do know that uncertainty when it comes to the truth can be a precarious state to be in.

And we’re in it right now, up to our eyeballs!

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