Is Your Business Ready For The Roaring 20’s?

Some have suggested that, just like the Roaring 1920’s followed the 1918 pandemic, so too the 2020’s will be Roaring.

There will be so much pent-up demand as a result of all the restrictions and lockdowns we’ve been living through, that once the vaccines help us get this virus under control, we will splurge. Will live large. It will be a boom period of consumerism.

Will that really happen?

I don’t know. Nobody does.

But looking at history, there are certainly a number of similarities between then and now.

So the question is, do you really want to risk missing out?

My suggestion, start thinking now about how your business might be different if indeed the Boom does come?

Will your product range look different? Will your distribution look different? How quickly will you be able to scale up?

I’m certainly not suggesting you make these moves now.

But asking the questions now and reviewing your systems and process to make sure you are ready, just in case the Boom does come…just seems like a smart thing to do.

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