Maybe Ignorance Of The Law Has To Be An Excuse?


Thomas Jefferson said…

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse in any country. If it were, the laws would lose their effect, because it can always be pretended.”

The onus is on each of us as individuals to know what the laws are and live within them.

Now, I understand that Mr. Jefferson was a pretty smart fella.

But…he didn’t have to deal with Twitter and other social media channels and ‘Fake News’.

So what happens when the laws are constantly changing?

And…when we’re bombarded with ‘Fake News’ on social media about people breaking the laws?

And…when there is no place for us to check what the current laws are?

Not to mention how those who are not on social media and the internet. How do they find out what the laws of the day are?

Is it time to rethink this fundamental tenet of our legal systems?

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