Resume Tip #3 : Speak The Language Of The Employer

Many industries have their own unique language, shorthands and abbreviations.

It’s important that your Resume and Job Application speak the language specific to the industry for which you are applying.

For example, if you’re a hotel person, you probably have great Customer Service skills…but you don’t call it it that. In the hotel industry, we talk about Guest Service.

So if you’re applying for a job outside of the hotel industry, you should adjust the language in your Resume.

It’s basically the same thing. But using the right language is important.

Similarly, your hotel Resume might talk about F&B experience and managing HODs.

But to someone outside of the industry, they may not know that you’re talking about Food & Beverage and Heads of Departments.

Language matters.

Be sure to tweak your Resume and Job Application accordingly.

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