Social Distancing In The Workplace

As people around the world start coming back to work, we need to realise that each of us will have our own tolerance levels when it comes to social distancing.

I’m not talking about the space between workstations or in the staff canteen. But more about how close we want to get as we move around the office.

When you pass someone in the hallway. When you stop at the coffee room or water cooler for a chat. When you come to a colleague’s desk to discuss something.

One brilliant way I saw recently was the idea of Red, Yellow & Green coloured wristbands.

Green means I’m ok for hugs & high fives.

Yellow means I’m ok to talk, but don’t get too close.

Red mean, I’m social distancing.

So, at a glance, anyone in the office can know what your tolerance level is for contact.

Great idea!

PS: Thanks to @Laura Weisman for sharing the post.

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