The Value Of Reorganising The Time Stack


Seth Godin suggests that ‘Changes in the culture often happen when someone is gutsy enough to reorganize the time stack.’

We’ve established generally accepted time frames for things in our life.

This is how long a doctor’s appointment will be.

This is how long a spa treatment will be.

This is how long it will take to build a new house or a new car.

And if you, in your business, spend about the same amount of time as everyone else is spending to do those things, you’ll end up with roughly the same result.

The way to stand out, says Seth, is to change the Time Stack.

Maybe you spend a lot MORE TIME making your product or delivering your service. And in so doing, you can hopefully now charge more for the high quality you have created.

Or, you spend LESS TIME. Get it done quickly. Then move on to other things. new innovations and ideas. Or marketing your thing to a wider market.

Either is fine.

But, if you want to create a significantly different value proposition, you’ll probably need to choose one.

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