There Is Real Value In The ‘Truthiness’ Of Fictionalised History

Fictionalised History is when we sprinkle a little bit of fiction and take a little creative license with the facts around a particular historic event or person.

It’s something we see a lot today with these Netflix series based on people or events from history – like The Crown, which tells the story of the British royal family.

But the most recent series of The Crown has drawn some detractors who have called out a number of factual inaccuracies.

However, as Russell Brand points out, what really matters is the ‘Truthiness’ of the story, not so much the precise facts.

The challenge with reality is that it is nuanced. Sometimes the pure facts alone are not enough to convey the reality of that time or place in history.

For your story to resonate with the audience you sometimes need to sprinkle on a little fiction in order to make that story relevant and engaging to the modern audience.

In world dominated by seemingly constant discussions about Fake News, I just think ‘Truthiness’ is an interesting perspective to consider.

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