This May Be A Boom Period For Spa Management Companies

From Crisis Comes Opportunity.

And this current COVID-19 Crisis may well lead to a boom time for Spa Management Companies.

Many hotels have been forced to lay off most, if not all, of their staff, including the Spa Team.

As they start to re-open, hotels will be looking to cut costs and reduce their risks wherever they can.

One area of exposure for hotels in the payroll of the Spa Team.

So, why not outsource the management to the spa to a Spa Management Company in return for a revenue share or profit share?

It reduces the risk/exposure on the payroll yet ensures the hotel can still offer the Spa to their guests.

If you’re a Spa Consultant or a Spa Manager who’s been laid off, there could be an opportunity there for you, if you’re willing to grab it.

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