Time To Rethink A Multiple License Strategy For Your Spa

The way we respond to pandemics and crises in the future will be informed by what we’re doing now.

What can we learn about how better to prepare our business.

If, When and How your business is permitted to open in the wake of this global pandemic will no doubt be determined by your local, state and federal governments and regulatory bodies.

As we’re seeing, the type of licence you have for your business is one of the key considerations.

In Malaysia, Spas can not open yet, but Beauty Salons can.

Some Spas have only a Spa License. Some have a Spa License and a Beauty License.

Those Spas with a Beauty License are permitted to open to provide beauty services only.

For many businesses, being open to open a few weeks earlier may be the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

So, whatever your business, consider what different types of business licences you could have for your business.

When the next wave or the next crisis hits, it may just give you some more options for survival.

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