Trent365! – Sharing Daily Perspectives At A Time Of Crisis


So we’re changing things up a bit. I’ve decided to try a bit of a Daily Journal kinda format for the Trent365! Show – at least while I’m in this limited lockdown here in Malaysia.

Multiple, random thoughts as they occur to me throughout the day, all presented here in the final video/audio file.

Topics Covered today include…

1. How much expats – and anyone living in a foreign country – rely on Social Media for updates at a time of crisis. And how that makes us susceptible to Fake News.

2. Government interventions when it comes to restriction of movement IS necessary in many countries, like Malaysia.

3. Media of all forms – TV, radio, Netflix, Social Networks – are massively comforting in times of crisis. Even though often they are flooded with all the negative news relating to the crisis.

4. For countries to get through this crisis, all stakeholders of that society – governments, industry, employees, people – need to share the burden.

5. We have become so dependant on others to survive. Not just at a national level, but even at an individual level.

6. Do we really need all this stuff that we think we need? The answer to that question might change if this crisis continues for an extended period of time.

7. GOOD NEWS – The Australian Football League competition kicks off tomorrow as planned. Though it will be played without crowds, at least you can watch it online. So, if you’re missing your sport…come and watch some AFL Footy, starting tomorrow…

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