Understanding The Three Levels Of Your Product

The Three Product Levels Model was developed by marketing guru Philip Kotler.

According to this model, there is the CORE product, the ACTUAL product and the AUGMENTED product.

The CORE product is the actual benefit the customer is buying.

Using the motor car as an example, the CORE product is transportation.

Continuing with this example, the ACTUAL product is the physical car itself.

The AUGMENTED product is all the stuff on the periphery. The Value Adds, if you like. Things like customer service, warranty, after sales service, etc.

Whilst there is definitely value to you the seller to understand the subtle differences between each level, you should also understand that the consumer ultimately sees just one product that is inclusive of all these elements.

Here’s a link to the book I mentioned – Scaling New Heights – https://amzn.to/31oYj6v

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