Use Local Influencer-Branded Flash Concepts To Boost Your Business

Mr. Beast is a YouTube sensation. Apparently the highest earner on the platform in 2020.

And now…he has a chain of Mr. Beast Burger restaurants.

Check out the story here –

And you could do something similar in your business.

If you have a Spa business, partner with a Spa Blogger to create a unique package of treatments, products & services based on her personal preferences.

Then brand it with her name.

Then for 2 days create the ‘Susie Spa Experience’ at your spa.

If you have a restaurant, invite a Food influencer to create his ideal menu. And do the same.

You don’t necessarily need to create new menu items. Just have them select their favourites from what you already have.

Whatever your product or service, there is probably an influencer out there who you could partner with to create their special branded Flash or Pop-Up experience.

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