We Don’t Choose What We Like, We Like What We Choose

Do we choose things because we like them or do we like them because we choose them?

Cognitive Bias means we have a tendency to convince ourselves of our own version of reality.

After we’ve made the choice, we convince ourselves that it was the right choice. Our recently chose thing is the best of all of them.

A recently published study has found that we do this as babies too. That suggest that this cognitive bias isn’t just something we learn to do as adults, it’s part of the human condition.

Here’s some more information about that research… https://bit.ly/3k6eNac

So what does that mean for you in business?

It means that the after-purchase engagement is critical.

Your customers want to convince themselves that they made the right choice. So help them do that. Stay engaged with them after their purchase.


Well, it could be as simple as getting them to connect with you on your social media channels. Just a few simple posts from your social streams might be all it takes to help them reinforce their cognitive bias.

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