What The Metaverse Teaches Us About Building For Scale


Well, if you want to be in a Metaverse, that is.

A Metaverse is basically an online virtual world.

A bit like a social network where you actually insert yourself it the virtual world, through your avatar.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about the Metaverse.

But my first experience in Decentraland was pretty crappy.

Why? Because there just weren’t many other avatars (people) in the ‘world’ when I was there…at least not on my server.

You see, Decentraland is built for massive scale and that means it’s built across multiple servers.

If you happen to be on a server where there are lots of other users, your experience can be great.

But if, like me, you’re on a server with not many active users…your experience sucks!

The lesson here for any business is that if you build for scale, you need to remember that you will also have users/customers/guests that use your product or service ‘pre-scale’.

If the experience you have created relies on scale, what sort of experience will the ‘pre-scale’ users get?

By all means, plan for massive scale, plan for massive growth…but don’t do that at the expense of the experience of users who come to you ‘pre-scale’.

If you do that, they may not hang around long enough for you to actually achieve scale.

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