What We Learn About Behavioural Change From COVID-19


If we’ve learned one thing as a result of this pandemic…it’s that behavioural change is possible.

But if we’ve learned two things…it’s that it can be hard.

Think about all the changes you’ve made in your behaviours over the past year.

Then think about how hard some of those changes were.

Now think about how much ‘help’ you had in making those changes.

The government close the borders, shut down the airlines, hotels, spa, restaurants & bars and mandated mask wearing and temperature checking.

And even with all that ‘help’ it was still hard.

There are still times we forget our face mask or to social distance.

Not because we are evil or stupid. Just because behavioural change is hard.

We have a tendency to assume that as long as we are ready to accept and embrace that behavioural change, everyone else should be too.

But it doesn’t always work that way.

So spare a little patience and tolerance for those who are still trying to get on board.

NB: On a similar note, if you have a business plan that says ‘We’re changing the way people do…X’, you’re trying to change people’s behaviour. And as we’ve learned…that’s not easy.

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