Whenever You Fall Down, Pick Something Up.


We’re all familiar with the idea that whenever you fall down, you’ve got to pick yourself back up.

But what about this idea from famed Canadian-American physician and medical researcher Oswald Theodore Avery…

When you’re down there, pick something up.

It’s sometimes easy to lose touch when we’re ‘up there’.

It’s easy to forget the lessons that you learned that helped you ascend.

So, if you do fall, take a bit of time while you’re down there to look around, understand the issues, gather some more data and insights.

All of that will help you as you rise again.

And, if you want to tweak it just a little…while you’re down there, pick someone else up too.

Maybe they’ve also fallen and need a hand up.

Or maybe they haven’t yet been able to ascend and just need a little help.

Great quote. Great thoughts.

PS: Thanks to @markthespaman for sharing the Tweet.

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