Why Industry Letters To Re-Open Are Missing The Mark

In a bid to try to pressure governments to re-open their industries, the representative bodies of those industries effected rally to petition the powers that be to give them the green light.

This usually involves a strong letter from the representative body, outlining the significant contribution of that industry to the overall economy, employment, etc.

This letter is usually followed by a petition from the individual business owners within that industry.

Both these steps are important and necessary.

But I think where industries often miss the mark in these situations is a concerted effort to get their customers to petition the government.

Every business owner and every industry body of course believes that their industry is important. The government would expect you to say nothing less.

But if the government receives a flood of letters, calls and petitions from members of the general public who are calling for these businesses and services to re-open, my guess is that will make a much bigger impact.

So, if your industry still hasn’t re-opened, time to rally the public!

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