Will Opportunistic Bargaining Become The New Normal?

There will always be those who seek to advantage of a crisis situation.

I’ve heard several stories of business owners of accommodation, villa rentals, AirBnB, etc who have been had customers and clients request obscenely large discounts. Just because they can.

They believe that they have all the leverage and can make demands that are in essence opportunistic, mercenary and even predatory in nature.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it is, I fear, part of our New Normal.

So as businesses, we need to get our head around how we want to deal with it.

What are your limits? How will you respond to these crazy requests? How will you educate your staff to cope with them?

Eventually, I believe the market will make the correction and even things out. But for now, it may well be part of your New Normal.

So get ready.

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