Your Hourly Rate Only Matters If You’re Busy

If you’re in the business of selling your time and expertise then you generally look at revenue opportunities through the lens of your Hourly/Daily Rate.

That makes perfect sense…if you’re busy.

But if you’re not…it’s pretty irrelevant.

Trust me. I know.

I’m currently narrating an audiobook, for which I’m getting paid $100 per Finished Hour Of Audio.

Sounds like good money, right? $100 per hour.

What if I told you it takes me 5 hrs to create 1 hour of Finished Audio?

Now, my effective hourly rate is just $25 per hour.

I was getting more than that working as a casual bellman in a hotel 30 years ago.

So if I was busy doing other stuff, this hourly rate isn’t a good time/money trade off.

However, if I was just going to be sitting on the couch anyway, this hourly rate is a great deal.

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